Meet Abby + Nikki

Just two best friends who love weddings. And drinking beer. We like to drink beer.

About six years ago (wow, time flies), we met at Point Park University and immediately hit it off as friends. We decided to become roommates for our senior year of college and went from being acquaintances to eating lunch together, working together, watching The Bachelor together, and just basically spending an absurd amount of time hanging out.

When we both graduated, Nikki and her (now) husband Anthony moved to the Washington D.C. area, while Abby and her (now) husband Mike made a move to Columbus, OH. When Abby and Mike eventually moved back to Pittsburgh, we all got extremely familiar with the PA Turnpike, making countless trips back and forth from D.C. and Pittsburgh to see each other.

When Nikki got engaged and asked Abby to be a bridesmaid, the answer was an obvious, ‘yes.’ From there, Nikki dove in, planning her perfect wedding, and Abby helped coordinate a fun bachelorette party. The wedding was a blast - full of love, laughter and lots of beer.

We were a bit wedding deprived for the next year and a half, but when Mike popped the question, the wedding planning began once again. Nikki was at Abby’s side every step of the way.

Through all our years of friendship, both our weddings, buying homes, loving dogs, one thing has always remained constant: we are both obsessed with planning, decorating and designing (and drinking beer, but we guess that’s not really relevant right here).

We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other for each of our home’s decor, working together to plan fun holiday parties, and chatting for hours upon hours (we don’t joke - ask our husbands) about our future plans and ideas.

During one of our many long chats, the idea to combine our talents to start a wedding planning business came to our brains and we just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

We are thrilled to launch Cheers To You and use our love for all things weddings, design, parties, and each other to help fellow Pittsburghers plan their perfect event.

And having an excuse to drink wine on weeknights while we work isn’t too bad either.