Engagement Photo Tips

So you just got engaged...now what? It’s time to take some gorgeous engagement photos, duh!

Becca Kramer for Sarah Brookhart Photography

Taking some super sweet photos with your husband-to-be can be so much fun, and a great way to document your love for each other. To help you get started, we have a few tips and tricks!

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1. Find a photographer that fits your style. Listen, we’re going to get real. Your photographer is 100% the third most important person of your wedding day. (We might even argue that they’re the second most important person, but maybe that’s just us.) You should make sure to leave room in your budget for the photographer you love, one that gets you and your fiance, and one you trust to capture every moment of your big day. The engagement photo session is a great first step to building your relationship and trust with your photographer!

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2. Choose a location that fits your vibe. We are personal fans of choosing an engagement photo site that is outdoor with some beautiful backgrounds. Are you in love with your city or the town you live in? Maybe choose a cool alley or a recognizable city-site. Are you more of a floral gal or outdoorsy type? Search for a local spot with pretty greenery or water. Are you and your fiance homebodies? Maybe take some photos at your house!

Becca Kramer for Sarah Brookhart Photography

3. Select outfits that you’re comfortable in. Engagement photos should be a depiction of who you and your fiance are together! Don’t force your man into a suit if that’s just not him. We typically recommend something neutral and solid that fits your wedding’s vibe.

Riley Lynn Photography

4. Just be you. During the photo shoot, don’t force it! Just show your love for each other, and the photographer will take care of the rest. Your happiness will be impossible to miss.

Ashley Tracy Photography

Want more advice? We’re here to help. Email us today, and let’s work together!

P.S. Aren't all of our brides gorgeous? We are so excited to be working with all of these beautiful couples in 2019!


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